Petoskey Gutter Cleaning Services

When you are not on a routine schedule of having your gutters cleaned, you may not notice how dirty your gutters are until a problem has occurred. Take the preventative measures now and hire the gutter cleaning experts of Petoskey Michigan. We will not only wash your gutter system inside and out, but during the process we will be inspecting all areas to see if your gutters have any other issues that are in need of repair. Having this service done twice a year will help maintain your homes value, lifespan and curb appeal. Do not wait any longer, Contact Us For a Free Quote. 

Benefits of Having Your Gutters Cleaned:

  • We get on the ladders so you don't have to

  • Scheduled gutter cleaning twice per year (You’ll be put on the maintenance schedule and receive a call when it is time to get your gutter system cleaned again)

  • All leaves and debris hand bagged and removed off-site

  • Downspouts inspected to ensure drainage

  • Less chance of ice build up and mold growth

  • Gutter cleaning removes pest harborage

  • Removes food and water sources insects thrive on

  • Channels water away from home and protects your landscaping

  • Reduces risk of water damage to basements, crawl spaces, and foundation

  • Increases Curb Appeal


What to Expect When Hiring The Professionals

Maintaining your gutter system is a far more complex task than most homeowners realize. Which is why we highly recommend leaving it for the professionals. Each employee on our team has been thoroughly trained and are accustomed to properly carrying, placing ladders and working on them ensuring the safety of your property and our crew. We have all the right equipment and techniques to get your gutters flowing properly right away.


Our preferred method of cleaning the inside of the gutter is to remove all unwanted debris by hand and discard it into a bucket. This is the most efficient technique to guarantee that we clear your gutter completely and give you the best results. After the debris is bagged, we will dispose of it and take it with us off of your property. Leaves will be cleaned up properly not to disturb your landscaping and the beauty of your home. Save time today and allow us, the fully insured pro’s at Two Glass Gents to check gutter cleaning off of your to do list.

As for the exterior, say goodbye to those ugly black stains. Our polishing services will remove these stubborn stains, discoloration, and mildew. We will wash and shine your gutters with a high quality cleaning agent making them look like the day they were installed.

About Us 

Our reputation is as spotless as your gutters will be when we’re done with them. We have been maintaining our clients gutters in Petoskey, Harbor Springs, Walloon Lake, Bay Harbor, Boyne City, Cross Village, Good Hart, Emmet, Charlevoix, Traverse City, and Cheboygan County for over 20 years. It is our goal as an exterior cleaning company to keep your residential and commercial property looking its absolute best now and for the years to come! Call us today for a free gutter cleaning estimate. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.