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While a fresh blanket of snow certainly is beautiful, residents of Northern Michigan are all too familiar with shoveling their way out in sub-zero temperatures. On top of this, the intense weight of snow and ice on a roof or deck can severely damage its structural integrity.

Signs the weight of snow may be too much for your roof:

Noticeable bends or cracks in the attic
A sagging, wavy look in sections of your roof
Cracks and leaks in the interior of your ceiling
Cracks in your drywall or around door frames
Damaged or splintering rafter beams

Our Process:

If you’d prefer someone else do the heavy lifting, call Two Glass Gents to get on our snow removal schedule.

Sidewalks, pathways, and decks:

Keeping sidewalks and pathways clear of snow and ice can prevent the all too common injuries resulting from winter slips and falls. This is especially the case in high traffic areas, like outside a business or main entrance of a home.
Our snow shoveling crew can keep your sidewalks, decks, and steps clear throughout the winter. Call us in advance to schedule a routine maintenance. Or if you prefer, we can come on a need-only basis.

Why we avoid salt as a melting agent:

Many companies and homeowners have used salt to melt snow and ice. While this may work in a pinch, over time the use of salt can cause erosion and damage your concrete. At Two Glass Gents, we use Ice Melt, a totally safe product that excels at preventing ice from forming on your walkways.
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