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Now more than ever, we want to know our homes, workplaces, and the businesses we support are clean and safe. And while traditional cleaning with a cloth can remove a measure of contaminants, it’s near impossible to reach all areas.

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How it Works:

Electrostatic spray surface cleaning by Clorox Total 360 is the most effective way to ensure all surfaces—including awkwardly shaped objects and hard to reach areas—are fully disinfected. 

Our technician will begin by preparing the spray zone, making sure no area in your home or business will be overlooked.
The spray system is then used, providing a uniform surface coverage of your living space or business. These positively charged sanitizing liquids are broken down into small droplets that cling evenly to surfaces, killing 99.9% of pathogens—including COVID-19.

That’s it! There is no need for wiping, and bystanders can immediately enter the area after treatment is complete.

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