Window cleaning is an art that we take seriously. All of our window cleaners have been professionally trained and have been working with us for many years. Using the highest grade of window cleaning equipment is of utmost importance. From squeegees made from real rubber, to our green seal approved glass cleaning detergent.

+ How do we clean your windows?

We start by inspecting the glass making sure there is no damage to the window and testing to see if the window is safe for us to clean. Then we apply our solution and scrub the glass with glass safe cleaning pads that will remove all dirt and grim that has built up over the winter. Next we will squeegee the window clean with our S curve method. To finish we wipe the edges of your window and the window sills with a lint free clothe. If you have screens we will scrub those too!

Where appropriate, we clean the exterior of windows with water fed pole systems. Using pure water, these systems allow us to scrub the entire window frame as well as the glass. Finishing with a touchless, spot free rinse, we leave the window looking perfectly clear almost like it was brand new.

The window cleaners that will be at your home are enthused about their job. We know how happy it makes you to have clean windows which in turn makes us happy too. Our crew is hardworking, clean and respectful. Let us take care of your window cleaning needs!