Power Washing, Pressure Washing, vs the Soft Wash in Petoskey Harbor Springs of Northern Michigan

What is Soft Washing?

    This method uses a mixture of detergents and low pressure to kill mold, mildew and remove dirt safely. The pressure is so low you can stick your hand in front of the wand with no effects.

What is Power Washing or Pressure Washing? 

    This method uses pressure to cleaning surfaces such as siding, decks and cement. It also can cause damage to surfaces by splintering wood and leaving etch marks.

Power Washing Pressure Washing Petoskey Harbor Springs Northern Michigan

How long does each method keep your surface clean?

     Soft washing gets to the root of the problem. Especially in Northern Michigan were moss and mold grow fast. This method will keep mold away for at least 2 or 3 years.

     Power washing blows the surface dirt off and does not get to the root of the issue. Mold will normally grow back within the next year.


Does either method damage plants?

     Soft washing uses sodium hypochlorite to kill mold. We are extremely careful to wet everything down with water that the sodium hypochlorite will touch. Also the amount that gets sprayed is very diluted. When the detergent hits the ground it turns into salt when dry.

     Power washing uses high pressure and water. If the pressure comes in contact with anything at to high of a force the pressure can damage leaves, wood or grass.


What kind of surfaces can both methods clean?

     Soft washing cleans all different type of surfaces. Because the method is so soft it can even clean gentle surfaces like cedar siding.

     Power washing cleans all different types of surfaces as well but with the risk of damaging with pressure.