Why Use Two Glass Gents For Roof Cleaning?

Two Glass Gents specialize in roof cleaning in Petoskey and Harbor Springs of Northern Michigan. In the summer we remove dirt, mold and algae that can reduce shingle life, and in the winter we can do snow removal so that heavy snow doesn’t compromise the structural integrity of your roof. You see, even if it doesn’t cave in one year, the rot that the water held by dirt and algae causes will give wear and tear to your shingles and sheathing, meaning one year left unclean increase the chance not only that year, but the following years for a cave in.

Why pay for a new roof costing you thousands of dollars when we can prolong the life of your roof and make it look new again by gently cleaning the mold away? Our process will not only give a renewed look to the home but also kill the mold at the source. The longer the stains are left the more damage it's causing. 

Don’t let mold, mildew and moss ruin your roof and the appeal of your home. In Northern Michigan there are many types of mold that can damage your roof, drastically shortening it's lifespan. We know you have paid a lot of money for your roof. If you have ugly black streaks or ugly green mold let us safely remove them for you.

Roof cleaning is a very delicate process. We start by inspecting the condition of your shingles. Then, select what type of detergent will remove the infected area. Plants will be protected from any runoff from roof cleaning so as not to kill any vegetation. Our roof cleaning system will gently kill the mold at the root without high pressure washing. Pressure washing can void warranties and does not kill the mold spores allowing the mold to grow back quickly. Our roof cleaning system uses a low-pressure application of antibacterial cleaning solution, which kills the algae and restores the shingles. Let us save you time and money.

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Roof Cleaning Petoskey Harbor Springs Northern Michigan

Our reputation is as spotless as your roof will be. Check out our reviews from many happy customers. We serve all of Northern Michigan with roof cleaning including Petoskey, Harbor Springs, Walloon Lake, Bay Harbor, Boyne City, Cross Village, Good Hart, Alanson, Brutus, Emmet, Charlevoix, Traverse City and Cheboygan County.