Here at Two Glass Gents, we have a variety of tools available to clean your windows in the most effective and efficient way possible. Our two main methods are the traditional squeegee method, and the use of a water fed pole system. Our team of window cleaning experts know which method is best suited for use on your home. 

Here is how our water fed pole system works

First, we hook our hoses up to your homes exterior water source. This water will flow through the tanks through our tanks full of resin (to remove unwanted particles from the water) in order to purify it for our use. This water will continuously flow through our hoses, and up to the brush head attached to our extendable pole

Now to clean the window! We will spray the window with the pure water scrub the dirt off window, including the frame and sill. Once all the dirt and debris is off the window we rinse the window and leave it to dry on its own. Don’t worry, because it is fresh, pure water it will dry spot free!

Remember, you may see that your windows are still wet after we are done cleaning, that is just fine! They dry on their own and they will dry spot free!

Why Pure Water? 

Pure water is the ultimate cleaner for dirt. It attracts the dirt and it washes away with the water.